Flame Control 30-30

Flame Control No. 30-30 Semi-gloss Class "A" Fire Retardant Enamel is a non-yellowing interior paint, which is recommended for use as an overcoat in areas where maximum cleansibility, durability, and fire retardancy is required. Flame Control No. 30-30 was designed as an overcoat for Flame Control No. 10-10, or it can be used as a fire retardant coating by itself on all noncombustible surfaces, where a Class "A" finish must be maintained. When applied over Flame Control No. 10-10, the durability of the coating is greatly improved.  Flame Control 30-30 is able to be tinted to match almost any color.

Designed as a protective topcoat over Flame Control 10-10


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Technical Data Sheet for 30-30

MSDS sheets vary by color and are available upon request