Flame Control 60-60A Thermal Barrier

Flame Control No. 60-60A has met the criteria for use as a 15-minute thermal barrier on Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF). No. 60-60A is a low VOC, water based intumescent coating that dries to a flat finish. No. 60-60A was subjected to flammability testing per NFPA 286 and successfully met the following criteria: 2011 Edition and 2006 IBC Section 803.2.1 / 2009 IBC Section 803.1.2 / NFPA 101, and Life Safety Code, 2009 Edition, Section, and 2009 IRC 316.6.

Flame Control No. 60-60A is suitable for use in inhabited spaces where spray foam insulation must be separated from the interior of the building per IBC Section 2603.4 approval.


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